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Import Financing

Import Financing


The solution to clear your goods’’- enables customers to cater for payment of duty and port charges to clear their stock or machinery, for business and personal needs. Enables the customer to avoid accruing extra charges and penalties at the port.


  • Immediate access of the vehicle.
  • Clearing done on behalf of client.
  • Cheaper additional working capital.
  • Simplified security requirements (we use the vehicle we are clearing to secure the facility).
  • The vehicle is delivered to Nairobi on behalf of the client.

Key Features:

  • The product has a maximum tenor of 60 days with a lee way to convert to a secured facility
  • Maximum amount of 50% of the vehicle value
  • Flexible security requirements( client may provide a different logbook as a security)
  • The vehicle must be insured and joint registration done.