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Welcome to Speed Capital Ltd

Speed Capital Ltd is a vibrant, innovative and friendly financial institution dedicated to providing credit, investment, insurance and financial advisory products to Micro, Small &Medium Enterprises across Kenya.

We exist to empower people economically and socially while ensuring that micro entrepreneurs have easy access to financial and support services in strategic urban and peri-urban areas of Kenya; and will eventually spread to other countries in East Africa.

Our focus is serving the non-banked or low level businesses as a catalyst for growth, promote entrepreneurship, savings, and business sustainability and alleviate poverty.Our core values are enhancing our clients’ self-determination, serving as an ongoing financial resource for members, and achieving significant outreach and financial self-sufficiency. Find out more>


Our Loan Products


  • Murage Thagana – Nairobi Branch

    He is now able to provide more and higher quality shoes to his customers. In addition, he has also managed to maintain enough stock for his clients. Due to his good credit history record with speed capital ltd, Murage has also been able to get emergency loans especially for air ticket whenever he gets quick orders from his customers.
  • Hassan Adam - Naivasha Branch

    I took my first loan of ksh 20,000 from Speed Capital which I used to stock most of what was missing from my shop. I repaid this within one month and took another of ksh 50,000.What I like about Speed Capital is the flexibility of their loans and their mode of repayment where one can repay their balances through Mpesa. My business has grown to a net worth of over ksh1, 000,000.
  • Janet Mwihaki - Gikomba Branch

    Through Speed Capital loans, my life has improved a lot. I can now afford to pay my children’s school fees in a more comfortable way and give them a good diet. I’ll forever remain grateful to Speed Capital staff that also showed me the importance of saving money as a precautionary measure.Truelly speaking; they are there to see you grow your business to greater heights.”
  • Millicent Muthoni Kimotho - Thika Branch

    Millicent Muthoni is the proprietor of a chemist by the name Wamu chemist based in Thika. She says that Speed Capital came in just at the right time when her business needed a financial boost. Speed has not only provided loan facilities to her but also imparted financial literacy. She is able to analyze her business incomes and savings has been inculcated into her life.
  • John Mucheru Muchungu - Kitengela Branch

    I operate an Auto spare shop here in kitengela. My business has faced a number of challenges key of them being stock supply. This turned out to be embarrassing especially when clients came asking for what I didn’t have in stock.All this came to an end after being introduced to Speed Capital Limited by a friend of mine. I took my 1st loan of ksh 30,000 which I used to stock in the shop
  • Domitilla Mwende Nduva - Rongai Branch

    Domitilla is a retail shop business lady based in Rongai. This is what she had to say about speed Capital and how it has helped her grow her business. “I started this business in 2007. I knew about Speed Capital from the officers who visited our businesses premises and spoke to us. I felt interested and decided to give it a trial. I took a loan of Kshs. 10,000 from Speed Capital which I paid within one month.